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I help persistent overthinkers and people pleasers prioritize themselves and embrace their worth. 

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I'm Your New Fave Self-Worth Therapist

I'm Dontea'. I'm a self-worth therapist and forever curious by how we constantly find ourselves in relationships that are the opposite of what we truly want, yet we stay anyway.


I work with women who live in Washington, Georgia and DC, and who struggle with the belief that being in a relationship is more important than their independence, which they also see as loneliness. So these women will stay in the relationship constantly fighting for his approval and attention, even though it comes with the cost of losing their self-worth. 

I want to help you stop being that woman.


I'm the therapist that can help you out of that cycle.


Interested? Set up your free 15-minute consult.

It feels like a relationship...most of the time. 


You feel like you are on a see-saw of disappointment and anxiety. 


You’re having conversations in your head that you dare not bring up with him. So instead, you stay quiet and pretend everything is fine. 


Despite the rollercoaster of uncertainty, you feel hopeful whenever he texts “When can I see you?” 


You know you’re settling but you don’t believe that the relationship/partner that you crave exists. 


So you “go with the flow” even though it leaves you feeling hungry for security & real intimacy. 


You want actual dates. You want to make future plans that aren’t last minute. 


You want to confidently express your needs & desires.


You want to say what’s on your mind, without fear of him leaving you.


You want him to want to define the relationship. You want commitment.



You want to believe that your perfect someone wants to see all parts of you.



As someone who has left behind situationships, I know what it takes to get out. 

I help women in their late 20s to early 30s get out of unfulfilling relationships and recreate self-love & happiness - single or partnered. 



Are you ready to break free from your situationship?

Pillow and Blanket on Couch


Do you feel like I just read your whole life?


Let's chat so I can hear what's going on with you and how our work together can help you break-free from giving energy to the same unhealthy behaviors.

What to expect in the consultation:

After booking, you will be given a video link for the time and day of our appointment.


This is a time for us to get to know each other and an opportunity for me to better understand your needs. I will tell you more about what it is like to have therapy sessions with me. This is also a good time to ask me more questions that may not have been answered on the website. 

See you soon, Queen! 


Dontea' has been featured in a variety of publications and media outlets including:

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