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Soirées in Therapy, LLC is an online therapy private practice that offers individual therapy and clinical supervision for MFT graduates. Soirées in Therapy, focuses on issues, such as depression, anxiety, barriers within gender roles and expression of sexuality as well as relationships and the challenges involved (infidelity and other relational issues). Online individual sessions are typically 60 minutes but can be scheduled for 90 minutes if there is a therapeutic need.

COMING SOON::: Soirées in Therapy offers various online workshops to help individuals further develop their coping and interpersonal skills. See services section for more details.

Soirées in Therapy focuses on identifying a person needs or goals and uses interventions such as Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Family Systems Therapy and other proven therapeutic modalities.

Please note that we work very hard to protect your confidentiality and use HIPPA compliant video software for online therapy. To further protect your confidentiality, always make sure you are in a private area where your conversation cannot be overheard. We strongly recommend using headphones to help minimize any feedback that can be overheard.

Please be advised that we do NOT accept online consults or therapy for the following:  

  • suicidal thoughts, plans and intents

  • self-harming

  • homicidal thoughts, plans and intents

  • court mandates

  • currently involved in domestic violence


With those situations mentioned, it is best that those individuals seek treatment from a local licensed mental health professional or agency for a face-to-face consult/ongoing services.

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