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Dontea' Mitchell-Hunter, LMFT


Dontea’ Mitchell-Hunter is a self-worth licensed therapist, and speaker that helps women get out of unfulfilling relationships and recreate self-love & happiness - single or partnered. She wants women to know their worth doesn’t come from being in a relationship nor what others think of them. Dontea’ is also the CEO of Soirées In Therapy.




Aleeah Muhammad

Hi! I am Aleeah Muhammad! I am so excited to hear that you’re interested in diving deep into your inner self and embarking on a journey of self-discovery! I am a 2nd year MFT student therapist attending Mercer University’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program based in Georgia. As an open-minded individual, I seek to help those who want to explore hidden traumas, dissect old patterns of thinking, re-write personal stories, and cultivate more fulfilling relationships within self and with others. I am especially interested in working with those who desire to manage stress, overcome depression, and increase self-esteem. Let’s begin your inner work journey today!

Rate: $50 Individual Therapy, $70 Couples Therapy

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