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"I have worked with Dontea' since 2018-2019. For most of my collegiate life she has been there every step of the way. DONTEA' IS THE BEST THERE HAS EVER BEEN! I have seen therapist and counselors on and off throughout my childhood due to trauma. I can honestly say Dontea' is not one to forget! I am grateful for the honesty and trust I have built over my sessions with her and I feel that the experience she gave me will stay with me always. I liked our lessons, techniques and process. I feel like I could return to her from any moment in my life and she would be ready to walk through it all together with me. I am always improving with her, at this point she has helped me believe NOTHING will stop me."

-Victoria W.

"Dontea' was incredibly patient and caring during our time together. I learned a ton about myself and really worked with her to get myself out of a place of darkness into a place of hope and light." 

-J. W.

"Dontea' was exactly what I needed at the time. She made sure to listen to my goals and tracked if I was progressing or not. She truly wants to see her clients win and become better versions of themselves. Ultimately it was time for me to use the tools learned and practice without her but I could I would've kept seeing her forever. She's the type of therapist you don't want to let go." 

-Christina W.

"Therapy with Dontea' has been amazing for me. I found that the longer I stayed with it, the greater the benefits were. I'm much more assertive, confident, and overall just really happy. People actually tell me I'm glowing or ask if I have a new man in my life when really I learned to love myself wholeheartedly.  When I look back to who I was when I first started this journey, it's really indescribable to see how I have broken so many bad habits and truly begun healing. This was the best thing I've ever invested in." 

- Y.M.

"I can’t thank Dontea’ enough for how she has helped me become a better woman. I started working with her in 2020 and I was broken, lost, and doubted everything about myself but she helped me see that I was worthy. She helped me have uncomfortable conversations, and made me dig deeper to really uncover why I responded to situations the way I did. The tears I cried after we finished our last session…She was the 3rd therapist I worked with and I’m so grateful for her and happy that I didn’t settle for the first person I spoke with. I could write a book about the 2 plus years I’ve worked with you, and (I almost said but) I will say thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting up with my shenanigans and all of my “buts” and helping me become the best mom, friend, and woman to those I cross paths with." 

-Bri W.

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